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UFO 110 Volt Electric Mid-Wave Infrared Heater -1500 Watt

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Infrared heats like the sun heats earth, sun shines, infrared heating technology similar to sun heating methhod

ALF and UFO Infrared Heaters

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Energy Efficient, Instant, Economic Heating.  Safe, Odorless and  Eco Friendly. 

UFO infrared heaters work similarly as the sun. Like the sun, they heat objects rather than the air. Energy smart nearly 95% of energy converted into heat.

UFO infrared heaters heat instantly; when the light hits, warm is felt. They are safe and eco friendly; do not burn oxygen like gas heaters. They are silent; do not have fans, motors and they are quiet. They are healthy; do not reduce humidity and oxygen levels, since they heat the objects, not the air.

ALF and UFO Infrared Heaters are very different from ordinary heaters

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