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Free and Fast Shipping. UFO Heater Products. Premium Dried Fruits, Hazelnuts and Snacks
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Benefits of Infrared Heating Technology

UFO Infrared Heating Technology - Different and Efficient Heating Method 

Convective heaters (classical systems which transfer heat by using air as a meda) transfer the heat on surfaces by the movement of heated air from one place to another. This means that they need to heat all the air in that space in order to be able to heat the environment. Therefore, depending on the volume of the environment, it can take approximately 40 minutes for us to feel warm in an average size room. We may spend most of our money to warm up the air before we even begin feeling warm. With these systems, huge heat losses can occur as the air moves up to the ceiling. The warm air also dilates and escapes through poorly insulated areas such as doors and windows. As the warm air reaches the ceiling, walls, doors, windows and floor, heat loss occurs, depending on the degree of insulation. It may be necessary to make serious insulation expenditures in order to reduce these losses.​ UFO infrared heaters are quite different, since they heat our bodies just like the sun heats our world.

UFO Infrared Heating Technology - Direct and Immediate Heating

UFO infrared heaters heat our bodies just like the sun heats our world. We need a certain amount of calories in order to warm up our bodies.Convective heaters may consume unnecessary energy to increase the environment temperature in order to provide us with these calories. UFO infrared heaters load the heat directly onto our body, clothes and the objects around us by the help of photons. Thus, without consuming energy to warm up the air, they provides us with the amount of calories we need. They do not heat the ceiling first, but rather; directly heat you and the objects around you.

UFO Infrared Heating Technology - Energy Smart

​UFO infrared heaters begin heating within seconds and due to their high efficiency in transferring heat, they will both decrease your energy consumption and contribute to saving the environment by using energy resources efficiently. ​Since the UFO heats by infrared light, they are not affected by wind or air flows. They provide you with the possibility to redirect and control the heat emitted. Not only they will keep you warm indoors but they will also keep you warm outdoors.You can comfortably use, outdoor approved UFO infrared heater models in places such as your patio, porch, terrace, garage, workshop and others.​Compared to classical heating systems, UFO infrared heaters transfer heat up to 80% more efficiently the efficiency rate may even higher, depending on other factors, such as the size of the room, degree of insulation, or season and others,).

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