ALF-C23 Electric Infrared Heater, 230 V, 2300 Watt (wiring may be required)

Regular price $169.00

It uses 220/240 volts, wiring may be needed in the place.

Adjustable temperature levels. Heating Range Indoors 248 sq.ft; Outdoors 172 sq.ft. (based on average temps).

94% of energy converted into heat and heat produced is not affected by wind or air)

Instant heating (feeling the warm when the light hits, like the sun)

Perfect for covered indoor and outdoor environments - restaurants, cafes, bars, terrace areas, resorts, casinos, poolsides, garages, health spas, fitness areas, warehouses and workshops, outdoor patios, decks, hot tub bbq areas, horse stables, barns

Wall, Ceiling or Optional Stand mount options. Heater comes with adjustable hanging brackets

Safe & Healthy Heat Source – ALF infrared heaters do not dry skin, take moisture out of the air or stirs allergens.

Quiet Heat – ALF infrared heaters are silent during operation – no fan noise
Silent operation, no fans no motors.

Environmentally friendly. Does not output CO2 like propane or natural gas heaters that burn fossil fuels.