UFO S15 Electric Infrared Heater - 1500 Watt

Regular price $179.00

Quick and instant heating (feel the heat within seconds, like the sun)

Energy efficient heat, nearly all of energy converted into heat. Low operating costs, pennies an hour to operate

Safe and odorless heat. Eco friendly, does not consume oxygen and does not dry the air.

Adjustable thermostat levels, for optimum indoor and outdoor comfort

Weather proof, it is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Heat is produced not affected by wind or air

Wall, Ceiling or Optional Stand mount options. Heater comes with adjustable hanging brackets. 8-ft cord, high quality and durable aluminum housing. Easy to install, step by step instructions provided

UFO Infrared heaters work similarly as the sun. As the sun shines on the earth, heat is absorbed by objects and people. UFO infrared heaters are energy efficient; the infrared heaters warm objects directly, carries its energy directly to objects and people with infrared heating technology; resulting about 95% of energy consumed converted into heat. The infrared heaters do not heat the air, they directly heat the objects. UFO infrared heaters heat instantly; the infrared heaters carry its energy with the light and for that reason infrared heating technology delivers heat in just seconds. When the light hits, warm is felt. UFO infrared heaters are safe and eco - friendly; the infrared heaters do not burn oxygen like gas heaters and no gas. UFO infrared heaters are silent; the infrared heaters do not have fans, motors and they are quiet UFO infrared heaters are healthy; the infrared heaters do not reduce humidity and oxygen levels, since the infrared heaters heat the objects, not the air.