UFO Adjustable Infrared Heater Telescopic Stand

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Infrared Heater Adjustable Telescopic Stand. Adjustable 77,7 inches height

It can be used in any desired environment (open area and/ or covered area)

It can be used easily to any desired place by the screw holes at the bottom.

The infrared heater to be used may be mounted easily and safe by the key

The heater is directed easily to the place desired to heat

Corrosion resistant elliptic column and slide tube is used

The plastic bottom and the feet are fire resistant

Provides a safe usage by the safety key against turnover

It has an aesthetic look by the cable channels, used for the infrared heater cable which is mounted on it

It has no maintenance costs

It is easy to clean

It may be detached and stored in its box when not used

It can be transported from one location to another