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UFO ATSFI-121 Oscillating Stand Fan with Cool Mist, Ionizer and Remote Control

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  • Negative ion to purify the air. Blows a cool mist for added comfort, 3 speed fan with humidifier.
  • Infrared remote control and on board panel control. Oscillating head for full room coverage.
  • 15 hour timer to switch off fan after preset time period. Easy to fill 51 fl oz (1.5 lt) humidifier tank
  • Various wind type settings normal, natural and sleep. Motor protection against overheating
  • Castors for easy movement


This model is an innovative ultrasonic humidifier, a standing fan, and ionizer in one. 

UFO Cool Mist Fan with Ionizer ATSFI-121 will contribute to your health and comfort blowing cool mist via its humidifying specification.This model of the electric mist fan is novel and attractive with luxurious appearance, reasonable features, and easy operation. It has both fan and humidifier functions blowing cool mist and this could be used together or separately. You could feel the cool wind in hot summer, and humid in the dry season. That makes you enjoy real natural homey life. This product is suitable for diversified climatic environment, especially for dry climate. Working elements: the electric mist fan uses ultrasonic vibration elements, atomize the water to 1-5 micron ultra-particle and spread the mist to the air through wind. The fan disperses its cool mist revealing the potential energy in water without consuming electricity through its ultrasonic mist technology. This increases the cool humidity which makes you feel cool (moisture) in a single room or in the entire home. Health humidity: low humidity (dry environment) can dry out skin, leading to problems like chapped lips, dry and itchy skin, and a dry sore throat when you wake up in the morning. We know from life: relative humidity of 45% RH - 65 % RH will be good for human in diversified conditions. Ultrasonic mist fan is developed to make you feel more comfortable and cooling even in very dry environment, by adding moisture in the air.